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Step into the spotlight with our exclusive Dance Crew Bomber Jackets, exclusively designed for the each crew at Pound It Hip Hop Studio.


Each jacket proudly displays the signature Pound It logo on the front, complementing the gold that adorns the back with your crew name and beneath it, "Pound it Hip Hop Studio" in white.


Available in an extensive size range from 2T through Adult 3XL, these sleek black jackets with gold and white embellishments are tailored to fit every member of our dance family.


Our mission is to ensure these jackets are affordable for all dancers, believing that when we wear these as a crew at competitions, it amplifies our unity and studio pride to the world. Prepare to turn heads and make statements; with the Pound It Hip Hop Studio's Dance Crew Bomber Jacket, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing, you're embodying the spirit of our community.


But these jackets aren't just for competitions or performances. They can be worn anytime, anywhere to represent your love for dance and our studio. Whether you're wearing it to class or out with friends, the Pound It Hip Hop Studio's Dance Crew Bomber Jacket will make a statement and show off your dedication to our vibrant dance community.


As an added touch to personalize your Dance Crew Bomber Jacket, we offer the option to add any name to the sleeve (horizontally across the upper sleeve) free of charge. This customization feature is executed in Pound It's Signature font, ensuring a seamless match with the studio logo and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the jacket. Whether it's your name or street name, this feature makes each jacket unique to its wearer while still uniting us as a cohesive crew.


While we made every effort to ensure consistency in design across all size categories—Adult, Youth, and Toddler—due to manufacturing constraints, it was not possible to achieve an identical design for each. Therefore, you may notice some minor differences. The Adult sizes feature a more sleek design with minimal embellishments, focusing on a streamlined appearance. In contrast, our Youth and Toddler sizes are distinguished by the addition of silver zippers on the front and sleeve, adding a touch of flair and practicality to these versions. Please see the last three images of this ad for the design styles of each jacket. 



CREW JACKETS - Pound It Red Deer

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